Featured Artist: The Machinist Shop

The Machinist Shop is a Bloomington, Indiana business. They “create hand-made metal jewelry, cut and etched with a modern, industrial style. Each piece retains the look of the careful hand work that went into it. Each shear, burnish brush, file, and chisel leaves a trace on the materials, so every piece takes on a life … More Featured Artist: The Machinist Shop

Featured Artist: Dulcet Design

Dulcet Design is a unique line of lightweight acrylic jewelry, spanning a range of accessories for both men and women. Alicia Kravitz, a trained Architect, is the designer behind the Dulcet Design collection. Using the talents and eye developed in Architectural training, Alicia creates all of the durable, streamlined, extremely wearable designs. These pieces are … More Featured Artist: Dulcet Design

Local in Bloomington

I hope you’ve all heard of, or seen, Rachael’s Cafe at 3rd and Lincoln. If not, you’re missing out. This local comfy spot has great coffee, great food (including vegan and GF options), and a warm atmosphere. Rachael is there most days and couldn’t be more helpful and polite to her patrons. I spent an … More Local in Bloomington

Local in Bloomington

Blu Boy Chocolate Cafe and Cakery Blu Boy is located on Kirkwood Ave. just next to the Buskirk-Chumley Theater. You can find hand-painted chocolates for your valentine or pick up an ice cream sandwich for yourself! I had a cupcake this week and it was delightful. Check out Blu Boy soon!