Featured Artist: Anya Pany

In 1999, Anya Pany moved to Ukraine to the United States.  As she’s matured as an artist, the use of primary colors, geometric shapes and whimsical subjects have become a staple of her work.  One can recognize influences of East Europeon molklore motifs and traditional Native American patterns in her work.  Each illustration has a story behind … More Featured Artist: Anya Pany

Featured Artist: Vincent Desjardins

Vince is a freelance illustrator living in Bloomington, IN, who loves vintage things.  These Holiday cards are perfect to send to your friends who are into the mid-century look, retro design or children’s book art.  The cards are blank inside so you can personalize your message to a loved one, and they come with a matching envelope.

Featured Artist: Sunday Afternoon Housewife

Martha Latta of Sunday Afternoon Housewife always loved art class as a child and began creating things at a young age.  Experimenting with leather work, paper making, cooking, photography, crochet, natural soap, embroidery, and even an all-female band, Martha has waned through many crafting and creative adventures to find her perfect fit.  Then one day Martha came … More Featured Artist: Sunday Afternoon Housewife

Featured Artist: Megan Martin Artisan

Megan Martin Artisan creates modern, eco friendly jewelry made from recycled sterling silver.  Other materials used are semi precious gemstones and natural minerals.  Megan has been visually creative for as long as she can remember.  So much of her life is chaotic, and she believes it’s therapeutic to create something with order and beauty.  These pieces are simple, striking, … More Featured Artist: Megan Martin Artisan

Featured Artist: Katie Vernon

Katie Vernon is an artist/illustrator living in Bloomington, Indiana. She sells prints online and in stores across the globe, and her work has been commissioned by The Land of Nod, Ikea, Chronicle Books, and other local and national businesses and publications.  These whimsical and adorable prints and postcards appeal to animal and flower lovers alike!

Featured Artist: Hold It!

Hold It specializes in kanzashi and satin flower hair accessories that embody class, elegance, and simple beauty.  Each flower is available as a headband, elastic headband, ponytail holder, hair clip, bobby pin and badge reel.  Each flower is handcrafted, using top designer fabrics and top quality materials.  With the countless options of styles, colors, sizes, and ways … More Featured Artist: Hold It!

Featured Artist: Boris Loved Natasha

Boris Loved Natasha makes zipper pouches for coins, eyeglasses, IDs, and more!  These pouches are the perfect size which makes them versatile and able to hold a diverse range of objects.  Made with different combinations of colorful fabrics, each purse is an original.  Some styles feature images of Indiana and a range of animals.  Stop by our … More Featured Artist: Boris Loved Natasha