Grand Intentions & Grandiose Dreams


I have this thing inside of me, wanting to bust out, to yell out to the world my intentions, my goals, and my dreams. I’ve told a few people – maybe more than a few. Maybe I’ve already screamed it from the tops of the tallest buildings in Bloomington, who knows, lately I’ve been so engrossed inside my head I don’t have a clue what I’m telling, whispering or screaming. But I do know I haven’t written it out here yet – at least not in a form like this – in a dedicated blog post that is detailing out to you, my dear readers, my deepest desire, my most outrageous dream, my most exciting (to date) endeavor – and that is this:

I’m opening a (pop-up) shop!! 

 Well, that’s the plan at least. I feel like I’ve been preparing for this moment my entire . . . well, Conduit Press career at least. I’ve always wanted to open a store of my own, even before Conduit Press, but I didn’t know then what I wanted that store to carry – music, books, free trade, decor. And now, after this great community has embraced me and my creative endeavors for the past four years and counting, I want to give back. I want to advocate for my local (and regional) artists in a way that I can’t do as just Conduit Press. I want to represent them in this town that cares so much about art and all that it entails. I want to create this dream for myself, for my family, and for my amazingly talented artist friends.


Well, see, that’s what these Gathering events are for. The three Gathering events throughout the year (the first in Feb, the second in May, the third in Aug) are all to promote Gathering as a handmade boutique – to create a following in different outlets and bring them all together at a culminating event: a month-long (Dec 2013) pop-up shop located in (hopefully!) downtown Bloomington.  In my dreams, Gathering will be home to a variety of handmade artists that I am honored to call my friends and colleagues in this world of art. I hope for two years to open the pop-up, and then open a permanent B&M.

Do you want to be involved?!

I would absolutely Love it if you were all involved. Obviously not everyone (in the world) can be represented in the shop, but I’ll do my darnedest! There will be an application (in the coming months) and a small fee to apply (to cover rent and general start-up costs) and all work will be sold on consignment. If you’re interested – be sure to sign up for the mailing list in order to be privy to all the applications deadlines and such.

What else?

Well, I would be remiss if I didn’t send out some sincere thank you’s to those that have inspired and encouraged this beyond my imagination. First, my dear Molly for merely sending out the suggestion during that dinner at Feast. It was that simple suggestion that got the ball rolling that  me running a shop was a possibility, and it never stopped rolling. To Lori for the push to host that first home show that grew into so much more. To Martha for taking the time to school me on the in’s and out’s of pop-up shops,  Sally for allowing me to be involved with BHM from the very start as a vendor and Nicole, Mia, and Jessica for inviting me with open arms to help organize the most wonderful show in the world(!) that has opened so many doors. To my husband for indulging me, and all of my artists friends (Laura, Megan, Jaime, Elizabeth, Jessi, Sam, Shan, Holli, Erin, Joelle, Jessica ( 2 and 3), Katie, Sarah, Candice, Megan, J.D., Grace, Lori and Olivera (and so many many more) and most of all, the Bloomington Creatives Collective for being an amazing resource for artists in our little community.
Maybe I’m speaking too soon – saying thank you’s before there is anything to thank them for, but I like to think not. That ball is rolling, and it’s never going to stop. I’m dedicated to Gathering and all it represents in my head and heart and I so want to share it with you.

Here’s to hoping if I put it out there – FOR REAL – I can make it happen. What I’ve been saying out loud a lot lately is simply . . .

‘I’m nothing if not motivated!’

{images from Pinterest – see my Pinterest board for Gathering store decor ideas! see what the store might look like come November/December}

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