Featured Artist: everyday saints

I’m super excited to introduce you to first-time Gathering artist – Jessica Shurr of everyday saints.

After working with oil on canvas for years, Jessica started looking around for a medium that was more portable to meet the needs of her growing family and shrinking workspace (we’ve all been there! ). Always a fan of religious art, she had the opportunity to take a traditional icon painting class where she left wanting to adapt the idea to make it more accessible and less intimidating. Thus, everyday saints was born!

She loves to make things that make people happy, that help people see the beauty, value and humor in themselves and others. Taking personality traits or quirks and highlighting them to make whimsical illustrations in the form of a traditional icon, the images help us truly appreciate one another without taking ourselves too seriously. I mean, seriously – her saints are named such amazing things as “the saint of self-cut bangs” and “the blankie saint”. You really can’t get better than that can you!


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