Tales from a Shopkeep

Much of this past week was spent in meetings either discussing events that have passed (Current: The Bloomington Fashion Collective Creative Event) or discussing events that are to happen soon: Gallery Walk, Taste of Bloomington, Sidewalk Sale, and the Fourth of July Parade. We met the new Assistant Director of Economic Development for the Arts: Sean Starowitz and I couldn’t be more excited to see what he’s going to do for our community and the arts!

ade5eb89ceddfd99ffe9292a1a69a323Mostly though, I spent this week in my studio. Located in the back of my store, you’ll find a long mangled table covered in a sewing machine, an etching press, leather of all shapes and sizes, and occasionally you’ll find my six year old hanging out underneath it. It’s summer time. That means Conduit Press (my maker business) is in full swing pressing leaves and other sundries into leather and creating bowls, bags, books and more from them – all with the first grader in tow. So, if you see me back there, talking (seemingly) to myself – I’ve not gone (completely) mad. It’s just me having a conversation with the little man that likes to hide-out under the table. He’ll spend his days (sometimes just afternoons) making art with me in the studio, or watching Bill Nye in the little nook we’ve made for him in a side room of the store. Either way, it’s sure to be one blast of a summer!

13344560_10107169630425019_1118753649283330282_nAnd, when we’re not in the studio (when the store’s closed) rest assured we’ll be playing games, making books, hiking trails, swimming in pools, or maybe traveling to the Indy Zoo if mama can manage the heat for more than a few hours.

This is the life of a mama shopkeep…and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Happy Holiday weekend!! We’re hanging out with family, and Mr. Gather is taking our oldest to see Skrillex at the race. I’ll be relaxing next to a fire in the woods while kiddos dress like ninjas and jump on trampolines!

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