Pinterest Picks – Weekly Round-Up

Now that Allyson is a Master Master gallivanting all over Europe before beginning a new chapter in her life,  I will be taking over the weekly Pinterest Picks.

First, I should introduce myself.  My name is Brigitt, new to Gather but not to Bloomington.  My family is steeped in creativity and artistic endeavor.  I mean just look at the spelling of my name.  In all 63 variations of ‘Bridget’ in the baby name book, my ‘Brigitt’ isn’t one of them.  It goes to show my family loves to be creative and so do I.  That’s why I’m excited to be part of Gather: handmade shoppe.  I love being immersed in the creativity and brilliance of other artists.  I’m still seeking my creative niche.  So I hope you find a little inspiration in my weekly blog post that I am also using to inspire my own creativity.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

We see this mantra all the time. And it’s imperative.  My new obsession is anything recycled or upcycled.  Artists take this responsibility to a new level in art that’s beautiful, useful, informative, and just plain awesome.

Upcycled Tin Cans into Retro Lamps

Recycled Puzzle Piece Picture Frame for Autism Awareness


Art with Burned Matchsticks


Upcycled Brass Rings by At-Risk Artisans in Kenya

Recycled Pop Art from Donna Clevenger at Gather: handmade shoppe


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