Pinterest Picks-Weekly Round-up

While working at Gather this past Saturday, I met and talked to a visiting professor from Japan, new grandparents from England visiting their grandchild, and an Irish 20-something visiting family.  I thought about my own travels and when I have been the foreigner with a exotic accent (if you call Indiana twang exotic). Other places seem so hip, trendy, historic, fun, mesmerizing, and the list goes on. But Indiana? Not so much.

Or is it? Dear old Indiana.  It’s home. It’s comforting.  We have hip, trendy, creative, old, historic, natural, beautiful places right here at home.

And so my list this week is inspired by home.

Check out Gather : handmade shoppe on Pinterest for more ideas 🙂


Indiana State Ceramic Mugs: Available at Gather : handmade shoppe


Reclaimed Wood Indiana State Sign


State Pride Indiana Pillows



State Shaped Cast Iron Skillets

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