Pinterest Picks-Weekly Round-up

Sunday is my quiet day. Write. Read. Relax. This week I focus on “Spa Sunday.” It’s my (infrequent) tradition of relaxation.  I give myself the time to wind down from the week and clear my mind for the week ahead.

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Step 1: Warm Bath with a face mask

DIY Face Masks

Tip: Pour Epsom salts and a few drops of Lavender essential oil for added relaxing benefits

Step 2: Slather on luxurious lotion

Handcrafted skincare at Gather : handmade shoppe

Step 3: Fix a hot cup of tea 

Teas for Different Purposes


Step 4: Treat your feet 

Handmade foot care available at Gather : handmade shoppe

Tip: Cheap 12 quart dishpans or litter boxes (new of course) work well to soak your feet. Prep a foot bath with Epsom salt and essentials oils. After a good soak, your feet are perfect for a pedicure.

Step 5: Read a great book  (grab before you soak your feet!)

Ideas for books to choose

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