Pinterest Picks-Weekly Round-up

My bestest best friend happens to be furry and have four legs.  Some people might call her a fur baby.  A hundred pound fur baby. And yeah, I’m the person who treats my dog like a person.  I talk to her like a human. I make her dinner when I have dinner (and she ends up with some of what I’m having too).  She loves frisbee and dislikes apples without peanut butter. Pets are family.  Today’s post was inspired by my furry family member Lucy.

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P.S. I’ve included a little doggy cuteness courtesy of my Lucy 🙂

Handmade Ceramic pet bowls available at Gather: handmade shoppe
Apple Peanut Butter Pupcakes
Pet shampoo and deodorizing powder from 407 Botanicals available at Gather: handmade shoppe
DIY Pet Feeding Station

dalmatian2b2bpuppy2btesting2bfleece2btug2btoyDIY Square Knot Tug Toy


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