Pinterest Picks-Weekly Round-up

On one of those unusually warm February days we had last week, (you know the day it was almost 70 degrees then snowed the next day?) I enjoyed tea with one of my best friends, Allyson (Gather’s Master Master and Mr. Sog travel buddy), on her deck.  We talked mostly about her wedding (see my picks for an BFF engagement here) and other things as best friends do.  The conversation lead to the plans for her planters. Tomatoes, herbs, onions, marigolds, we decided. She’s much more of a green thumb than I.  I’ve also toyed with the idea of starting a garden; it’s just the whole “keeping-plants-alive” challenge that hangs me up.  Maybe some of you can relate. So as always, I turned to Pinterest for guidance.  Here are my five finds that might come in handy this spring.

Great art for gardeners

Jodi Lynn’s Emporium of Doodles Print available at Gather : handmade shoppe

Timing is everything…

When to Plant Vegetables


And remember where you planted those vegetables…

Garden stakes by Fatty Frog available at Gather : handmade shoppe

And if you can’t have an outdoor garden…

Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

Help it grow (and reduce your waste in the process)…

How to Compost


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