Tales from a Shopkeep : the transformation

I’ve wanted to document the transformation of our space for some time – but I made it pretty clear in my last blog that this all happened pretty quickly.  Not to mention, I completely checked out for awhile and, just, I just wasn’t on my game. So, I didn’t really get proper ‘before’ photos. But, I’m gonna try.

So, the bones of the space are still very much the same, and always will be. The amazing hard wood floor stayed, the ceilings stayed (though the ceiling fans got switched out, as did the lighting). These photos show the space pretty much from the beginning. The first, a view from the front door as you walk in. We had them remove the pre-existing cash wrap, the floor underneath that, all of the bulkhead above  . . . well, everything, and then, about 90% of the slat wall. The only slat we left was in the front (which you can see in the first image). The last two photos are of the back stock-room, which becomes my studio.

In these photos you see they’ve started to gut the space; the floor below the old cash wrap is gone, the cash wrap and all slat (except the front) has been pulled. The dressing rooms have been removed (opening the space up) and the carpet in the back (and slat) has all been taken down) In the studio space, it’s been cleaned up, and a GIANT archway is cut into a wall revealing those amazing wooden shelves (with exposed brick behind them).

Then comes the paint. We chose white for the walls and an amazing dark gray for the built-ins. And then, we kept the hard wood (of course) and opted for a dark gray tile to replace the carpet. Decision decisions!


And that’s that. The space will continue to change, as we do. But it’s come so far, and we’re oh so proud of it.

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