Holiday Gift Guide 2018

It was brought to my attention last week, by a fellow small business owner, that we were lacking a local holiday gift guide this year for various reasons. So, in a pinch, I reached out to local stores from our group, Bloomington Brick & Mortar, and without further ado, I give you our ALL LOCAL … More Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Tales from a Shopkeep: Bloomington’s Bicentennial

Today the fam and I ventured into the wild (ok, downtown Bloomington) to visit the City’s Bicentennial Street Fair held on Kirkwood Ave between Walnut and Indiana, which, for those of you that aren’t familiar with organizing festivals (and wrangling cats) is a SUPER HUGE endeavor. It really is no small feat to close down … More Tales from a Shopkeep: Bloomington’s Bicentennial

Love Living Local-Summer with Kids

School’s out! Now what? It’s been a conversation I’ve heard a lot lately.  I don’t have kids, but I hear tons of exchanges from my friends, “What’s Johnnie doing this summer?”  “Has Susie ever gone to xyz camp?” “We are planning to __________.” Luckily Bloomington has tons of activities for kids. Art Activities Does your child love … More Love Living Local-Summer with Kids

Love Living Local

Bloomington is rich in diversity, art, culture, and oppportunity.  On any given day, I might speak to someone from faraway country, interact with a different culture, see beautiful works of art, or eat delicious world-class food.  But my favorite thing about Bloomington is this community’s rich giving culture.  Bloomington is home to hundreds of nonprofits, services organizations, community organizations, … More Love Living Local

Love Living Local

After starting a new job, getting ready to move, and keeping up with everyday life, I am a little worn down.  It’s time for a little self-care.  Pinterest is my best friend right now.  I’m creating my own routine to take care of myself.  I don’t have to look too far.  Thankfully Bloomington offers a … More Love Living Local