Tales from a Shopkeep: Craft-a-Way Camp

A few weeks ago (ok, maybe a month- time travels WAY too fast these days!) I was reminded about Craft-A-Way Camp thanks to FB and its incessant need to stalk my interests and friend groups. As per usual, FB wins and I applied to join the adventurers that run craft-a-way in the middle of the … More Tales from a Shopkeep: Craft-a-Way Camp

Love Living Local

Spring (fingers crossed) is here to stay.  I’m continuing my staycation plans for Spring Break this week.  If you missed the first part of the Bloomington Staycation, read it here.  So away we go! Outdoors: I always explore the natural landscape wherever I travel.  Staying at home is no different. I’ll be doing a little hiking … More Love Living Local