Tales from a Shopkeep: Shine & Scratch Entrepreneur

So, many of you know I’ve been recording our own podcasts for a few weeks (months?) now, but where did that idea come from? Why did I start doing a podcast? The inspiration came from quite a few places, one of the powerful ones being the Scratch Entrepreneur podcast put on by my insurance agents, and … More Tales from a Shopkeep: Shine & Scratch Entrepreneur

Favorite Handmade Item – McKenzie Goodrich

Oh, joy, one of my absolute favorite people in Bloomington blessing the blog with her presence today!! Have you met McKenzie Goodrich?! Well, let me introduce you! Her smile is breathtaking, her laughter catching. Her spirit and warmth will give you all the feels, and her acceptance of you, even on your first meeting, will … More Favorite Handmade Item – McKenzie Goodrich