Tales from a Shopkeep: Shine & Scratch Entrepreneur

Libsyn-CoverSo, many of you know I’ve been recording our own podcasts for a few weeks (months?) now, but where did that idea come from? Why did I start doing a podcast? The inspiration came from quite a few places, one of the powerful ones being the Scratch Entrepreneur podcast put on by my insurance agents, and friends at Shine Insurance. I remember listening to my first Scratch podcast (interviewing local owners of King Dough, Alicia and Adam Sweet) and thinking to myself . . . “I’ll know I made it if Jeremy ever asks ME to do a Scratch podcast. . .” And so, fast forward a couple of years and Jeremy is standing across the counter from me asking if I want to be a guest. Color me red and blushing when he did – and over-excited and honored.

Jeremy is an amazing story-teller. As I’ve said before (in our podcast) I don’t listen to a lot of podcasts, so I don’t know the general ‘layout’ as it were of what podcasts are supposed to sound like (is there one?), but what I do know is that Jeremy’s podcasts flow professionally and powerfully and I was honored to step into his studio and wax not-so-eloquently about Gather, Bloomington Handmade Market, and Conduit Press . . .

I hope you’ll listen. Jeremy does a great job of making me sound not *quite* as crazy as I am in real life and really giving you the feel of what it’s like to own not only a small business, but an arts’ related one. Thanks Jeremy, and McKenzie, for all that you do!!

You can access the Scratch website here: www.shineinsure.com/gather-bloomington 

And listen to the podcast below . . .


If you haven’t done so already, you can subscribe here.

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