on Finding a Place

Gathering has spent most of its life looking for a space to fit into. A space to live. A space to flourish and grow. With each event we find a new space that we fill to our hearts’ content, that we make our own, with the blessing of some amazing people by our side. In these next few months Gathering will continue (soul) searching for that dream space in downtown Bloomington to call home (for a month), a space where artists feel at home, where guests feel comfortable and welcome, and where the air is clear and free. I have faith that it will happen, I know it will. I am not afraid.

For now though, Gathering has found a temporary home for a great little monthly event we’re hosting to get together with our friends, to share our passions and our art. And that place is Sacred Heart Church on W. Kirkwood, just a few blocks from the tinny roar of downtown, and just behind the big yellow house that is Bloomington Coop. Sacred Heart is run by an amazing family (the Shurr’s) who have welcomed us into their home, and we welcome them into our world. Jessica Shurr is the artist behind everyday saints, one of many artists that will continue to be represented at Gathering. We’re so proud of Jessica’s growth as an artist that we’ve just seen in the few months we’ve known her.

So, on a random Monday night (check our Facebook) if you’re ever looking for something fun to do- know that we’re hosting Craft Nights over at Sacred Heart once a month. Bring yourself, bring a friend, bring a smile, bring your art, and if you like, bring a drink and some food to share. We’re all in this together!

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