Featured Artist: Botene’

Botene’ is a Chicago based women’s accessory boutique specializing one of a kind bags. Botene’ features fresh and contemporary seasonal designs on printed and non-conventional fabrics. These bags are meticulously handcrafted to exude a personal style while being thoughtfully functional.

Now a days, our iPads and other handheld electronic devices can seem almost a part of us.  So why not dress your iPad to make a statement that compliments your personal style?  And not to mention, a cute cover serves a dual purpose by also protecting your iPad from damage such as scratches and breaks.

If you’re headed out for a night on the town or preparing for a day of errands and don’t want to carry a heavy, large, and inconvenient handbag, then Botene’s wristlet clutches are the perfect accessory.  The wristlet allows you to be hands free and is fairly roomy, allowing you to easily store your wallet, cell phone, keys and a few makeup essentials.


Wristlet Clutch, wristlet Purse, Pink Wristlet, zippered wristlet, Black Purse, Hands Free Purse

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