Tales from a Shopkeep -There Goes the Neighborhood

A couple of years ago, when I first moved into Fountain Square Mall, I started to make friends with the other business owners that I would learn to call my neighbors, and eventually some of my best friends. Across the hall, I continued to get to know Nancy Bradley, the (former) owner of O’Child Children’s … More Tales from a Shopkeep -There Goes the Neighborhood

Love Living Local

Fall. Bloomington morphs back into college town rhythm. While the weather has cooled, our town boasts fall activities at every corner.  Although Fall Break passed, I want to share a list of my top 6 things to do in Bloomington during the fall.  1 Drink cider at an apple orchard Musgrave Orchard & Cider Mill on the north … More Love Living Local

Favorite Handmade Item – Chelsea Jones

This week I’m proud to feature the favorite handmade item of one of my favorite people (what’s new?!). Meet Chelsea Jones – though I’m sure most of you already know her! Chelsea is the silversmith mastermind behind Tactile Melodies, which we’ve carried in the shop since the beginning of time! I remember meeting Chels for … More Favorite Handmade Item – Chelsea Jones

Favorite Handmade Item – McKenzie Goodrich

Oh, joy, one of my absolute favorite people in Bloomington blessing the blog with her presence today!! Have you met McKenzie Goodrich?! Well, let me introduce you! Her smile is breathtaking, her laughter catching. Her spirit and warmth will give you all the feels, and her acceptance of you, even on your first meeting, will … More Favorite Handmade Item – McKenzie Goodrich