Tales from a Shopkeep

our last weekend mini-vacation to Cinci

Good god summer is hard. There, I’ll say it. I said it. I’ll continue to say it. I’ll be the first to admit that this summer was hard on this mama. But, I’ll also say I wouldn’t have it any other way. Because that’s just our life folks, and that’s what we’re here to do: live it.

Summer is over now, though. Local schools are back in session. My little, who turned 7 over the summer, is in a new school with new teachers and hopefully making new friends. Indiana University is now also back in session (as of today) and so the town is starting to bustle again. There’s always change on the horizon – new buildings getting built, new roads being paved, old buildings getting torn down. And we’re ready for it. We’re ready for all of it. Things have changed a bit in the shop, if you haven’t made it by in awhile. Miss Allyson and I did a store re-arrange last month and now we have our classroom space back in the rear of our store, adjacent to my studio. So, we’ll be planning on hosting Thursday afternoon crafternoons in the near future, bi-monthly craft nights, and classes for anyone who wants to teach something. We’re always open to new ideas!

11150509_10205434932727246_6562124872596539902_nRight now, Allyson is working the store every afternoon, so if you stop by and don’t see me – we’ll, that’s why. We’re trying this on for size, and seeing how it fits. It allows me to pick up my little from school, and get home in a timely hour to make dinner for my family and spend quality time where and when it’s needed. I’ll admit, I feel a bit disconnected from the store at times, and it’s something I new really saw happening, but sometimes you have to let your baby grow up (the store) and I’m trying to leave it in willing and able hands. So, I’m in the store Wed-Fri from 11-3 at the moment. Yes, we now open at 11!!

532030_10153367115702843_8289967964392958980_nAlso, if you haven’t noticed, we also have another new shopgirl in the house. Her name is Brigitt. She and Allyson are old buds and they keep me sane. Brigitt keeps the shoppe busy and organized on Saturdays for me so, again, I can spend time with my family.

13529035_10107289841530999_4049377444707490526_nAnd, as usual, Jaime is working the store on Sundays. She works for Conduit Press in the back of the store when it’s slow, but is there to answer all of your handmade questions from 12-4 on Sundays (when she’s not traveling with her own family!).

And there you have it – an update on what’s going on at Gather. We have LOADS of new product in the store, and SO MANY events on the calendar I can barely stand it. We’re celebrating our big SECOND anniversary over Labor Day Weekend, and I’d sure Love to see some of your smiling faces!

Hope your week is filled up!


2nd anni poster.jpg

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