Tales from a Shopkeep: Covid 19 part ii

I need to get this out, so I can move on. I need to let this out of my soul, so I can stop dwelling on it and start breathing. I need to share this with you, because I don’t think I’m the only one.  And then, then I need to focus on the positive. … More Tales from a Shopkeep: Covid 19 part ii

Love Living Local

Although we didn’t have a terribly cold winter, I am ready for spring: sun shine, warm breezes, open windows. I am even ready for all the muddy paw prints and extra mopping I do this time of year.  Spring also has one giant advantage-spring break.  Even though I’m not in school, I still look forward … More Love Living Local

Tales from a Shopkeep -There Goes the Neighborhood

A couple of years ago, when I first moved into Fountain Square Mall, I started to make friends with the other business owners that I would learn to call my neighbors, and eventually some of my best friends. Across the hall, I continued to get to know Nancy Bradley, the (former) owner of O’Child Children’s … More Tales from a Shopkeep -There Goes the Neighborhood

Love Living Local

It’s that time of the year! I’m doing a special two-part series on shopping local in Bloomington.  So whether you need gifts or ideas, I have you covered. How about winning free money while you shop? Bloomington Brick and Mortar is giving away $25 Downtown Bloomington Inc. gift certificates each week until Christmas. Take a … More Love Living Local