Tales from a Shopkeep

15036367_10153876493656875_8412871727617848063_nBoy, that holiday season sure knows how to sneak up on you, eh? It all begins with the Bloomington Handmade Market – every year. And this year was no different. This year BHM had a stellar cast of characters! Reviews from shoppers tell us, our best yet. Which is just delightful to hear. It was tough, following the results of an election that many of us here in Bloomington were not necessarily happy about. But it was also a bit cathartic for people – to come out and see real people who make real things that support their families. It was something I think a lot of us needed.

15215686_10108079156662149_193766196_oAfter the Market we set up a gallery show over at The Owlery. Our friends over there invited us to take over their gallery wall fro the holiday season to drive some traffic over to our neck of the woods. How effing awesome is that!? That’s community. That’s friendship. That’s Love. And then, in the new year, one of the co-owners of The Owlery will have a gallery show at Gather as well. We’re so pumped.

After that . . . well, I took a vacation to Oregon and totally checked out and it was amazing. Simply . . . amazing.

And when I returned, it was time to set off the season with Thanksgiving week, our holiday window, Black Friday, and Small Business Saturday. AND opening our pop-up at the College Mall. Oh, and did I mention we’re losing our dear Allyson? Oh yes, but never fear, my good friend Angela is coming on for the holiday season and while we’re super sad to lose Allyson, we know Angela can bring us into the new year.


I guess that about covers it, for now. You might not hear from me for awhile, this season tends to throw me for a loop once it arrives. But, know that I appreciate you all dearly, and you’ll hear from me again in the New Year. Or, you know, stop by the store (or the mall) sometime, and just say hello:)


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