Pinterest Picks-Weekly Round-up

Last Saturday Talia and I hung a few of our super awesome prints to spice up the store (and fill those ginormous walls).  After climbing up and down the ladder, expertly guessing at heights and widths and hoping for the best, I am inspired to write this week on wall art.  Beyond the fantastic prints we carry in the store (seriously our makers are AH-MAZING), I wanted to think a little outside the box…

As I sit and write this, now my walls are look bare…

“ERIC?” (my incredibly dashing and patient boyfriend)


“Where’s the drill…” (to be continued…)

Here’s my favorites this week.

3-D Art

“Ocean Nest” by Leanne Ellis available at Gather : Handmade shoppe

Gallery Walls

DIY Gallery Wall from Instagram Photos

Living Art

Indoor garden
Indoor Gardens

Mixed Metals

Mixed Metals and Mirrors


Functional Kitchen Hacks

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