Maker Monday – Molly Cranch

   Today we’re welcoming in the fall in Indiana with open and welcome arms (well, we have been for a week or so, haven’t we!?) and with that, I’d like to introduce you to one of our Gather painters – Molly Cranch! I first saw Molly’s work gracing the gallery walls at Homespun in Indianapolis, and was overjoyed when she came to join the Gather family as well! Molly’s famous for her chubby little bird paintings that grace the wall behind the Gather register, as well as various other spaces around the store! 


  1. Who are you? What is your business and where are you from?

    My name is Molly Cranch and I am a painter. I was born in Nashville, grew up in St. Louis and currently reside in Chicago, Illinois.

  2.  How did you get to be where you are with your handmade business? Meaning, what’s your story, how did you get HERE?

    Some of my earliest memories are of myself painting and drawing. I have always identified as an artist. I studied art in college and later pursued my teaching certificate in art education. For many years I taught art at the elementary level, while painting into the wee hours of the night. Now I continue to teach, however I recognize that my purpose in life is to paint and to share that with the world. The focus has shifted from doing what I think I should be doing, to doing what I love and supporting myself and my family through that.

  3.  What is the most favorite handmade item that you own? Not something that you’ve made personally, but something you own that someone else has made. (Attach a photo if you can).

    I have saved piles and piles of my children’s artwork. It is difficult to select just one. I have one son who loves to make books about trains, and another who builds with 3-D materials (such as legos, random cardboard boxes and balloons). Our house is messy, but full of creativity.

  4. 12139778_139822756378533_1221583098_n What is your ‘pie in the sky’ dream with your business/art? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

    I hope to continue growing. I would like to continue to reach new audiences through my art in both the original and printed form. Currently I am illustrating a children’s book and I would love to see it published.

  5. Where do you draw your artistic inspiration from?

    My life is very busy, so I draw inspiration from quiet meditation and walks in nature with my family. Conversations with other curious, self-reflective friends also inspire me.

  6.  Share 5 links that everyone who Loves handmade should know about.
  7. What’s your current favorite song?
    One of my all time favorite songs is “Both Sides, Now” by Joni Mitchell.
  8.  Share something fun, interesting and/or different about yourself that your average customer might not know about you.

I consider myself a yogi and I am teaching my children to speak Spanish.




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