Love Living Local

So my to-do list threw up all over my organized dry erase board, a Jackson Pollock of color-coded tasks.  And I haven’t gotten much done. Staying focused at home is tough. Season 7 of The Vampire Diaries beckons. I need to write this blog post among others and work on my side hustle.  My dog, Lucy, wants to play frisbee. And daggnabbit the laundry isn’t going to do itself. Sometimes I need to go somewhere to focus. Like today. Like now. No multi-tasking. Complete, uninterrupted focus on one task. I challenged myself to work at a different place each morning (and of course making sure adequate sustenance was available) to decide the best places to work like a boss in Bloomington.

Butler Winery: A glass of wine pairs well with work of any kind. While the weather is nice, I love sitting on the deck to work and drink wine. And this family-run establishment creates a quiet, relaxing ambiance to get stuff done.

hopscotch_fotorHopscotch CoffeeLocated right on the B-Line, this boldly-colored minimalist space roasts its own coffee in house. The hustle and bustle begins around 9.If you want to sit outside, the early bird catches the worm (or table in this case).

Monroe County Public Library: As the quintessential study hub, MCPL boasts tons of resources to help on any project.  Need a study room? Reserve it. Need to learn an expensive Adobe program? Use the new, free Level Up workshops and space.

pourhouse-7_fotorThe Pourhouse CafeCoffee with a mission.  A comforting, global-inspired space that donates tips to different humanitarian causes around the world. I’m a sucker for a Arnold Palmer with the Lavender Lemonade while I write. 



Rainbow Bakery A quaint, eclectic vegan bakery whose doughnuts could convert a butcher. Get there early to grab a seat at their vintage tables. FYI the apple cider doughnut will change your life.




SOMA on Kirkwood: A hipster coffee house done right. I miss the fish tank TV; however, no one does a better smoothie than SOMA. Plus Laughing Planet burritos are right upstairs.







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