Featured Artist: Martina Celerin

Martina Celerin, an expat from the Czech Republic, has been making beautiful dimensional weavings in fiber and natural materials for years. After earning a doctoral degree in plant sciences from the University of Western Ontario, Celerin accepted a postdoctoral position as a molecular geneticist in the Biology Department at Indiana University. Where she met and married her husband. However, in 2002 she decided to transition from science back to her roots as an artist creating fantastic piece that range from sculpture to the weavings like the one below.

Fishes Frolic II

Her inspiration is drawn from nature and imagination; some pieces are scenes taken from memories of family walks or places she’s visited. Others are much more abstract, capturing an idea, a personality, or simply reflect the feelings evoked by an event or geographical area. All of the pieces, though, are true weavings, integrating the materials, landscapes or emotions from  travels and experiences.

Blowing Bubbles


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