A Kick! {part I}

I’ve never been one that *needs* motivation. There’s just something innate there, something gnawing at my soul that is always saying “Go!” “Do!” or “Make!”. And I do. And it’s been a great 34 years living life that way. Last February, something happened – a conversation, a request over dinner and drinks, a slight suggestion, and this idea, this mere thought, this dream – of Gathering was born. And 2013 was an amazing year for Gathering – our handmade pop-up shop. It pushed me to want to go Further, Do More, and support our Makers! And so, I jumped off the cliff of opening a brick and mortar and never looked back. Well, sorta.

See, I’m also a planner by nature. So, Dec 26, 2013 as we were packing up the pop-up in Fountain Square Mall, I already knew I wanted Gathering to be permanent. I knew I wanted Gathering to grow into Gather and I knew exactly where I wanted it to be, who I wanted to be involved, and when I wanted to make it happen. My mind was racing. All through Christmas ‘break’ I schemed about the coming year, 2014. How we would have pop-ups at the beginning of the year to stay fresh in the minds of our friends, our supporters, our family, and how we would ultimately open the grandest weekend Bloomington has to offer: Labor Day Weekend (the best arts’ weekend in Indiana if you ask me!).

Once the events started happening I started to realize (somehow I forgot this in the planning stages) that we would need actual start-up cash to get this off the ground. Because, let’s be brutally honest here, one day pop-ups don’t make money for the organizer, so we weren’t putting any money in the bank to open up the permanent store – to buy fixtures, point of sale software, display items, etc etc. And so, our Kickstarter was born. (to be continued…)


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