a Kick {part III}

Yes, I’m still rambling on about our Kickstarter. Hey folks, it’s a big deal. It’s kind of a make or break moment. . .

And so, once the video was finalized and my kids and my husband dealt with all the technical dealios of editing and uploading and all that jazz, it was onto the rewards and the risks and challenges….really, what wasn’t a risk or challenge?!


They weren’t too difficult to come up with. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I wracked my brain to try and come up with original material that you the people would actually want to recieve in return for supporting this project, but the store itself isn’t creating much in the way of art and so my options were limited. I tried to think of all the cool things our AWESOME new logo could be printed on. From there, I started thinking about what else the store was going to offer, aside from a storefront obviously. And that’s where the workshops came from, and then, ultimately the gallery wall namesake. It just all flowed from there. Easy peasy…right?


Again I say, what isn’t a risk or challenge these days when it comes to opening a new business? Our economy, while looking up, is not where it used to be, but I have faith in our community that we’ll pull through. Not just my local community, which I have a lot of faith in, but also our maker community. It’s the joining of these two that makes this venture even remotely possible! And so, with that the biggest challenge for us, here in Bloomington, became real estate. And I’m happy to say, that hopefully by the end of this week I will have a signed lease in hand and I can reveal to my backers an update of the utmost proportions. I can’t wait!

So, is that it? Is it over? Well, yes. Sort of. At this point the Kickstarter went live. And that part of the story ends. (to be continued . . . )

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