still kicking! {part iv}

And so, Tuesday the 13th of May is when our Kickstarter finally went live. After about two months of editing, tweaking, recording and generally freaking out, I pushed the publish button after counting when the 30 days would pass and I could breathe again.

See, that’s the thing about Kickstarter. You might not know this. Maybe you do. You choose how long you want your project to run. It can be as little as a day (I assume) and as long as 60. They recommend about 30, which is what I did. I’m all about taking good advice. But here’s the catch. Once you set your goal (ours is $2,500) and your time (30 days) if you don’t meet your goal ($2,500) in your time frame (30 days) you DO NOT get your money. Zilch. Nada. Zero. But, if you do, or if you go over . . .well, it’s yours!

And so I guess after all that, telling you that long-winded story and about my excitement in this venture – I’m asking for your help. Please don’t wait until June 11 to donate if you plan on donating. Heck, please don’t wait until May 24 to donate. Donate now. Save my heart from the palpitations of worry and anxiety over whether you like me. I mean, I know you like me, you’re still reading this, but dang it all – if you think this project is worth just about anything – think seriously about supporting it, would you? Even $5 gets me closer to the goal. Even $1. I’m not desperate, just passionate. That’s the truth. đŸ™‚


and you know, share it with your friends, because that would be awesome!

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