on Painting

We’re so excited to be able to offer classes IN our new space! Our first class is Painting I with Lisa Wilson.

painting square copy  painting2

You can find all the nitty gritty details about the class by clicking the class link on the photo or above in the title. With this class Lisa is exploring the notion of home and guiding the class through a layered creation of painting and discovery. The painting on the right, above, is the painting you will be creating in this class, only your own version. Through this piece, you will explore the concepts of HOME. You’ll sink into feelings of ease, playfulness, and belonging, and walk away with a piece that can remind you of being right in those feelings no matter where you are. As you apply different layers, you’ll write your story of home, your story of the present moment, and create a final, “breath spot” that can serve as a focal point to return you home to your ease of breath.

We welcome all into this class and also welcome deviations from the norm. This process of painting is about coming together, having a good time, and creating a piece of art that reflects you!

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