Pinterest Pics – Weekly Round-Up

So last weekend we attended the Green Nursery’s Great Cloth Diaper Change and it was so fun! Thanks to everyone who came out! The event inspired this week’s Pinterest Pics, which are all baby gift ideas for those little bundles of joy.



These are in fact adorable bibs as the packaging states. Cute, soft, and what little baby doesn’t look good in a tiny little tie?!

03d05ec5481cfd6c357e62d6ff207cc3 (1)

Fashionable leggings for your little fashionistas. Plus these are great for spring time.


Mr Sogs are so fun for any child. A mom came into the Shoppe a few weeks ago just for one of these guys for her little man. He was in love with his Mr Sogs instantly! So adorable!



Ok, I just like gnomes. They are so  quirky and fun! Another great seasonally appropriate item.


These blocks are great. They are so sweet and diverse. Be on the look out for a new video on our Facebook and Instagram featuring these toys soon!


Well those are my Pinterest Pics of the week. Can’t wait to see what inspires next week’s post! It could be anything! Especially since the Bloomington Handmade Market Spring Mini is tomorrow!! Hope to see some of your bright sun shiny faces there! Keep you posted! 😉


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