Favorite Handmade Item – Kaye Lee Johnston

This week I get to share with you the Favorite Handmade Item from Kaye Lee Johnston. Kaye is not only the Design Director behind one of (if not THE) Bloomington’s most beautiful publications; Bloom Magazine, she’s also a freelance designer who happens to Love quirky handmade items and shopping local. So, it just made sense for us to partner on this series. Thanks Kaye!!

aboutkaye-1My older sister is a crazy crafty person and over the years she has given me MANY handmade items that I absolutely treasure, but the item that I treasure the most is one that her daughter made me (chip off the old block, right?) for Christmas in 2015!

So, here it is, my favorite handmade item: crochet Winston! Julia (my niece) created Winston solely from photos on Instagram and I cannot believe how accurately she captured how he looks. I love my dog a lot so having this tiny facsimile of him in crochet form is the most thoughtful handmade item I have in my collection.


I can’t really describe my reaction when I first opened the little wrapped present and IMG_5311only saw tiny, little crochet feet. I totally and completely lost it. You can see the reaction shot here.

Julia also crocheted a tiny pug for my twin sister, an owl for my older sister, a cat for my mom, and a rainbow something for my nephew (I’m totally blanking, but it’s a character from a video game, I think.) After this explosion of activity, she opened her own Etsy store called Bos Taurus! And she ended up crocheting a tiny version of my friend Sarah’s dog Jake.


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