Tales from a Shopkeep (part 1)

I’ve missed writing to you the past couple of weeks! I’ve been down and out – first emotionally, then physically, and eventually mentally — life of a shopkeep (and a mama, wife, maker!). I have a lot to write about though – so much has happened the past few weeks in my absence, and I want to document them, because they were such wonderful things! So, we’ll do a two-parter today, in order not to take up too much of your time this morning!

ce31816fec51ad520a91f379e306b378 (1)First off, last weekend we had a 3-in-1 event day, which just NEVER happens. But, we were luc
ky enough to be asked to be involved in The Green Nursery’s Great Cloth Diaper Change, and when we’re asked – we go! It was so much fun to see all these Loving mamas and daddies getting together for a common goal! Abby throws amazing events, and always thinks about every last detail – and this one was no different. Not only did we get to be a part of it (I was an official counter!) I also tried my first Rainbow Bakery Cinnamon Roll!! Blasphemy, I know. I’m not sure why I waited so long!!

After the Great Cloth Diaper Change I tore down our booth and went to rescue Miss Allyson from the shoppe, since all those Lovely cloth diapering mamas had come downstairs to sign up for giveaways and socialize! She was holding her own quite well though, and I was reminded I’ve never made a better choice than hiring that girl to be my sidekick for a season. So, in celebration (and preparation) we ordered King Dough for lunch!

Then it was time for our Yelp event! See, Yelp does a LOT of events in the Indy area and had decided to come down to Bloomington for a Great Getaway for the weekend. While here, the Yelpers (mostly from the Indy area) would get behind the scenes tours and adventures to some of our favorite places in Btown. We were, of course, hosting a Crafternoon! We’d been planning this Yelp event for a few weeks/months now, but something was still nerve-wracking about it.  I Love planning events. I live for it actually – but the thought of having to speak to people . . . and tell them MY story, well, that was gut-wrenching! Luckily, our sister business, and my best friend, Jackie B/Bea’s Soda Bar was by my side. We split our Crafternoon in half; Gather’s part involved Mandala on a Mug with my favorite Kelly Barton! Bea’s Soda Bar/Gather’s part was to sample some of the delish food choices we have in the store, as prepared by Miss Jackie B herself. You can see all of the photos from Little Robot Photographry here!

After our second event, it was time to cool down and relax. No, just kidding. Not really!! Allyson and I cleaned up the store and prepared for the final event of the night. Our mandalas class with Kelly Barton.

See, Kelly taught the very first c6be628b8a01dd221bfa323bd429f7bcalass we ever hosted – 2 1/2 years ago! We’ve been waiting patiently (or not so patiently) to invite her back, and this was the perfect time! Kelly teaches such a fun, laid-bad, creative workshop that you barely think about what you’re doing. You get lost in the doodles, the watercolor, the meditative stance that drawing mandalas allows. This workshop was no different. Everyone always leaves with a sense of zen – along with two, maybe three finished, some unfinished watercolor mandalas, a palette with their favorite colors, and the knowledge to create more . . . and the want to do so. My ‘in progress’ mandalas are sitting next to me right now actually, having been abandoned since that evening, but I’ll think I’ll go pick it up right now, and start where I left off.

Hope your days are filled up,




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