Fav Handmade Item – Adam Nahas

161b774This week I’m excited to share with you the favorite handmade item from Adam Nahas. Adam has been a force in the art community/fringe art community in Bloomington for as long as I can remember. His name was often spoken about at meetings and social gatherings (in a positive way!) before I ever met him, and when I finally did shake his hand I felt like I was meeting a celebrity. You won’t meet a nicer fella than Adam, nor one that supports his community more. Adam currently runs Artisan Alley – which is a collection of artists’ studios currently residing on the near South side of town. At Artisan Alley he hosts quarterly Art Markets featuring local vendors and food trucks. Artisan Alley is not only home to permanent artist studios, but also Burl and Ingot (wood & metal shop) and the Dimensions Gallery. Make sure to check out Artisan Alley during their next Market! In the meantime, let’s check out Adam’s most treasured handmade item!

FEY1When Talia asked about my favorite handmade item, I knew exactly what I wanted to talk about. A painted wall decoration, which is now located above my bed created by my fiance, Felicity Young.

When we met, she had finished studying Drawing/Mixed Media at Ball State University and wanted to be an artist. Her creative process was incredibly intriguing, and just by looking at the piece, I was stumped by her artistic method. Coming from a background in art myself, to be introduced to a completely new style of artwork was a testament to her working style and integrity as an artist.

The piece is comprised of many layers of water color paper that was first painted on, then torn into the appropriate sizes, and finally glued together layer by layer. There are a couple dozen layers that are comprised in each singular piece. Also, there is a small spacing behind the piece, so it appears to sits off the wall a bit and reach towards you. Additionally, she had made a large number of these “floating-geodes” which can each be connected with copper tubing. When I saw this piece, I had to buy it along with a few others to make the collection complete. Plus, it got me her phone number . . .
As my admiration for her unique artistic style and matching personality grew, we started dating and are now expecting to be wed in July of 2017. This one piece was not a pivotal item in our relationship; however, it does commemorate the love that we have for art, and the beautiful beginning to our love story.

And for all the romantics out there – here’s a picture of the happy couple! Congrats Adam and Felicity!


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