Maker Monday – Culture Flock

This week I’m stoked to share with you a new member of our Gather family as our Maker Monday featured Maker: Culture Flock!! I first came across the genius that is Culture Flock while stalking the feed of fellow Indie-Handmade Store Owner – Philomena & Ruth. I met Elizabeth Hahn in person at the Midwest Craft Con this February, and I can’t wait to someday step foot in her awesome storefront (to a building she owns no less!). P&R carries Culture Flock, and I fell in Love with their witty t-shirts and stickers and enamel pins, and when I found their entry in our application form, I was beyond stoked!! Just meant to be!! Introducing, Culture Flock!!


  1.  Who are you, and what is your business? Where are you from?
    We are Culture Flock, but individually we are Brittany, Summer, Chase, Kendra, and Brent. We design and create clothing, totes, patches, pins, mugs, stickers and more. Springfield, MO.
  2. How long have you been collective making?
    We started Culture Flock in a tiny 500 square foot space in the spring of 2013.
  3. What is your more favorite handmade item?
    This is a really tough question! If we’re talking about one of our own creations, it would definitely be our t-shirts. They are incredibly soft and probably the most comfortable thing ever. In terms of other people’s handmade work, we adore the needle felted art we’ve purchased from our good friend Dani of Good Natured Art. It’s so unique and beautiful!
  4. What is your ‘pie in the sky’ dream with your business/art/craft?
    The main reason we started Culture Flock was to make things that we enjoy, knowing that others would enjoy them too. We create things based on the things that inspire us, make us smile or laugh, or entertain us. We’d like to simply continue bringing joy to other people – we think that’s the most important thing you can do with your talents.
  5. Where do you draw your artistic inspiration from?
    Everyday life: reading, animals, nature, music, pop culture.
  6. Share with our readers 3-5 links that everyone who Loves handmade should know about:
    Year of Creative Habits:
  7. Anything else you’d like to share with us today?!
    Creativity is the most important thing in our business so our workspace is very unconventional – we play a lot of board games, have hammocks set up between beams, and bring dogs to work regularly!

And to cap off this little Maker Monday, we always ask our makers for some of their favorites . . .

Brittany – favorite place to visit/vacation: Whitefish, Montana
Chase – favorite food: pizza
Kendra –  favorite food: tacos
Brent – favorite song: Mandy by Barry Manilow
Whitefish, Montana


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