Staff Picks-Weekly Round-up

It’s our anniversary! And what better way to celebrate than to surround ourselves with our favorite things? This week we (the staff here at Gather : handmade shoppe) will share our favorite things from our shoppe.

If you’re in the Bloomington area (or feel like visiting :), join us all weekend for tastings and activities! Check out Gather : handmade shoppe Anniversary Party to get all the info for the weekend!

Picking one item from our store to call “favorite” is daunting and nearly impossible, but after much individual deliberation, we are ready to share.  Gather is full of amazing (AMAZING) handcrafted items that are one-of-a-kind. Every Saturday I work at the shop; I compare walking into work like a 3 year-old walking into a toy store for the first time.  My favorites are already there, but we’re always getting new items that quickly become favorites.

So without further ado, here are our picks for this month 🙂


“I chose B Happy peanut butter because it is super delicious and makes for a delightful snack. I particularly enjoy the Count Your Blessings blend of peanuts, chocolate, and cherries. And I’ve needed to count my blessings lately and this snack reminds me to do so.”




“I absolutely ADORE this Element necklace.  It’s simple yet bold.  I feel like it would go great with anything.”


Knitting Narwhals print by Sadly Harmless
This print has been a favorite of mine for a long time. Whales have been my favorite animal since I can remember. And anything to do with crochet or knitting I love. So this is the perfect combo for my favorite things. This one just got hung in my office at home.

The Bearded Saint by Jessica Shurr
This one is a favorite of both my husband and myself. He always has a beard (if he doesn’t he looks like he is 16) and I make crochet beards. So it works great in our house



“Loving on these new hand-stamped cuffs from VoZ jewelry out of Cali! I met VoZ in ATL at a show and we traded some super rad merch, and I fell in Love with these cuffs immediately, so stoked to be carrying them in the shoppe now!”

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