Love Living Local

As the holidays come to a close, we start the long haul to spring break. Even when you’re not in school, we still wait for that first sign of spring. But we have plenty to do! Bloomington is never short on activities.

So here is my list of ideas:

  1. Read a classic novel 
    • One of my favorite winter activities.  Read one or challenge yourself (or the kids) to read a list of books. Great alternative to Netflix.
  2. DIY Project
    • Those pinterest ideas aren’t going to make themselves. I linked to our Pinterest page in case (gasp!) you don’t have you own. Get creative!
      Graphic Credit to The One Million Stars to End Violence Project
  3. Visit the One Million Stars to End Violence Exhibit
    • This creative weaving project uses the power of community to weave multicolored stars as “a commitment to resist violence and revenge, to believe in forgiveness and healing.” Bloomington is one of several communities around the world participating in this amazing project. Learn more.
  4. Go dancing Btown Kiz
    • This social partner dancing group hosts lessons and a dance each Wednesday. Fundamentals are taught each week so join in!
  5. Go see a performance
    • Whether it’s Oliver! Presented by Cardinal Stage, a band at the Bluebird, or dance at Windfall, we always have something in Bloomington.
  6. Start learning a new skill
    • What’s a better time? Take a music lesson, learn to dance, start to paint, begin yoga, get better at a computer program, or be at peace with meditation. Bloomington has tons of classes to learn something new.
  7. Practice a language
    • Did you know Mango Languages is available to those with a Monroe County Public Library card?  

      Photo credit to Chip Darling from Freedom Valley Farm and Bloomington Farmer’s Market
  8. Go to the Winter Farmer’s Market
    • Many of the same Summer market vendors still offer fresh produce year round.  Head over to the Harmony School gym on Saturdays 9am-12:30pm.  
  9. Sip something hot from The Pourhouse Cafe or SOMA and walk around IU Campus while its quiet
    • IU is consistently voted one of the most beautiful college campuses in the US.  Take a little time to walk around and explore.  And keep warm with deliciousness from SOMA or the Pourhouse (or both).
  10. Visit a gallery or museum
    • With incredible local talent comes incredibly curated galleries and museums. Take an afternoon to visit one. Or all of them. Maybe a fun Bloomington art scavenger hunt?
  11. Play mini golf and explore physics at WonderLab December 27-29 
    • Does it get more fun than mini golf?! (Seriously I love mini golf.) And why not learn while you play? Great activity for you and the kids plus prizes and pictures.  
  12. Go to an IU game
    • Cheer on the Hoo-Hoo-Hoosiers this winter!
  13. Sing karaoke at The Player’s Pub 
    • Think you sound like Beyonce? Prove it. Have a great time and sing your heart out!
  14. Eat at new local restaurant
    • Try something new! Bloomington is a foodie’s paradise. Expand your food horizon with one of our fantastic local restaurants.    
  15. Volunteer
    • Giving back is always in season.  Bloomington is home to hundreds of nonprofits. Find your passion.
  16. Contemplate new year resolutions at Hopscotch Coffee or Rainbow Bakery
    • It’s almost 2017. Time to sit down and see where we want to head in the next year. And why not with a coffee and a pastry? 
  17. Make a snowman or snowwoman (weather permitting)
    • Playing the snow is a given. Now we wait.
  18. Have lunch with someone special
    • It’s easy to put off spending time with others with the holidays. Take some time to meet with those you didn’t get to see over the holidays.
  19. Spend an afternoon in Bedford or Nashville
    • Check out our neighbors.  I recently ate at Stone Pig in Bedford. To die for pork.  Who knows what you may find?
  20. Go ice skating at Frank Southern Ice Arena
    • It’s the only time of the year for this activity. YOLO. Yeah I said it.


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