Pinterest Picks-Weekly Round-up

Gather’s Allyson (former social media and Pinterest Picks extraordinaire and current Gather newsletter magician) moved to a new place.  I, being of close friendship and small SUV owner, was recruited for the moving process.  I missed most of the lugging boxes and totes. My assignment: unpack and organize the master (should there be two since Allyson has two Masters degrees?) closet and the master bathroom. I was quickly reminded of my commitment to minimalism and general dislike of moving. And I missed the tough parts. This experience inspired this week’s post.

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Make sure you are prepared for all the changes.

33 Helpful Moving Tips

Figure out what’s worth moving.

Declutter Flow Chart


Hack moving like a pro.

Moving Hacks

Organize your new space.

Handmade storage bins by Nik J. Designs available at Gather: handmade shoppe

Make it your own.

Handmade home decor available at Gather: handmade shoppe




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