Love Living Local

Winter brings some of the bleakest days of the year.  Actual evidence suggests more people are depressed this time of year more so than any other.  It’s cold (well usually). The sun is on vacation. So how do we beat these winter blues? I find a balance being productivity, relaxing time solo and energizing time with close friends helps me. So get out, get moving, and get local. 

Yummy Breakfast

Photo Credit: Runcible Spoon


There is something about a yummy warm breakfast that just makes you feel good. I’m a sucker for the Eggs Benedict at Runcible Spoon or the Hoosier Scramble at the Village Deli. The breakfast menu at Btown Diner is pretty great; however, it’s usually a breakfast for dinner kind of place for me. If I’m in the mood for lighter fare, I’ll grab an asiago cheese bagel with light veggie schmear (makes me feel healthy) over at Bloomington Bagel Company.

Yoga or Fitness Class

Photo Credit: Next Generation Personal Training


Science backs this choice. Release a bunch of fuzzy wuzzy endorphins and automatically feel like a million bucks. I stumbled upon Maxwell House Yoga a few years ago. Just a fantastic group of volunteers who want to help people learn yoga. I want to try a few different classes at Enlighten Wellness Yoga, Know Yoga Know Peace (best name EVER), Vibe Yoga Studio, and Yoga Mala. Then there’s the mix of classes at Bloomington Body Bar that sound fantastic.  Or I could have Sabra over at Next Generation Personal Training kick my butt happy in one of her classes.  I hear Hoosier Crossfit and Crossfit Bloomington might also do the trick. 

Activity with a friend(s)

My go-to solution if I’m in a funk.  Meeting with a friend or friends always makes me feel better.  Sometimes it’s as simple as getting a beer at the Tap or Function. Or checking out the new art in the first Friday Gallery Walk. The flaming cheese at Trojan Horse almost always makes into our plans.  Lately I’ve wanted to go bowling at Classic Lanes or roller skating at Western Skateland.  Getting out with friends is a surefire way to feel good.  New to Bloomington? The community events page for Visit Bloomington or Bloomington Scene list tons of different activities with potential for meeting new people.  And as always volunteering serves the community, makes you feel warm and fuzzy, and is a great way to meet the friends you haven’t met yet.  

Photo credit: Trojan Horse

What do you think? I would love to hear from you! Leave a comment below with your favorite activities to beat the winter blues.


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