Pinterest Picks-Weekly Round-up

I’m slightly obsessed with self-care right now.  Maybe it’s the feelings of renewal that accompanies springtime.  Taking the time to relax, reflect, and renew is absolutely essential.  I’ve focused on that very idea for this week’s Pinterest Picks.  And if you missed it, I just wrote “Self-Care in Bloomington” in last week’s Love Living Local series.  I hope you all enjoy and practice a few of these ideas.

In case you needed a few ideas…

101 Self Care Activities

Explore your thoughts…

Conduit Press
Handmade Leather Journal by Conduit Press available at Gather : handmade shoppe

Devote some time…

How to Create Your Self-Care Retreat

Take care of your body…

Southern Hospitality available at Gather


How To Put Yourself First


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