Love Living Local

After starting a new job, getting ready to move, and keeping up with everyday life, I am a little worn down.  It’s time for a little self-care.  Pinterest is my best friend right now.  I’m creating my own routine to take care of myself.  I don’t have to look too far.  Thankfully Bloomington offers a ton of opportunities for me to take the time to focus on myself.  Every resource focuses on self-care in three dimensions: mind, body, soul.  I thought to take the same approach to my own plan.


Photo credit: Women Writing for a Change

To clear my head, I write. Women Writing for a Change and The Writers Guild both offer a lot of opportunities to learn more about the craft of writing.  Writing just gives me freedom to open up. And any time I need to relax and clear my head, I spend time with friends.  I like to grab a coffee or tea at Hopscotch, Rainbow, or Crumble and just talk.  Hanging out with a friend always puts me in a better mood.  Even on the crappiest of days, friends bring light.  Another suggested self-care activity is being creative.  It’s so true.  I think I’ll check out be.cause gallery or the classes over at the Waldron.  Or maybe I’ll just grab some supplies at Pygmalion‘s and do my own thing.


Photo credit: Know Yoga Know Peace

More than I would like to admit, exercise does more good than downing a pan of brownies. Taking care of the body is a major part of self-care.  Yoga, zumba, aerobics, tabata, running, or whatever is best, getting active is a good choice.  I like yoga.  The $5 dollar Sunday class at Know Yoga Know Peace. I’ve also toyed with the idea of starting in martial arts at Monroe County Martial Arts, Lee’s Martial Arts,  ATA Martial Arts, Ryukyu Kyusho Family Martial Arts, Vortex Martial Arts, Aikido, or Gracie Barra Bloomington. After a great class, a healthy meal does the body just as much good.  A treat out to FARM or just picking up something at Bloomingfoods would be great options.  Lastly what better to relax the body than a massage?  Better call Bloomington Massage and Bodyworks, Touchstone, That’s the Rub, Trillium, or Tranquil Vibe.


Taking care of the soul is very personal. Everyone approaches this a little different. Bloomington spiritual community is extremely diverse. I choose to focus on meditation or spending time in nature.  I’ll let everyone decide for themselves what their soul needs.

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