Episode 3 w/ Bethany Lumsdaine of Itchy Co, Shut up and Listen, The Bills, & More


cba2e1b0634e2c5043e9d8f7a225567eGather Stories: Bethany Lumsdaine of Itchy Co, Shut up and Listen, The Bills, & More – In this episode of Gather Stories I sit down with local artist Bethany Lumsdaine to have a conversation about her art and where it comes from and where it’s going. Bethany is an amazing human whom I had the pleasure of meeting through her mother a couple of years ago. Bethany was one of our first Emerging Artists through the BHM in 2016, and since, she’s grown her business Itchy Co and her zine Shut up and Listen leaps and bounds. She’s also been working the counter (and the camera) at Gather for nearly a year, as well as fronting her band The Bills for about the same amount of time. Bethany is a person of many talents, and she’s definitely one to watch out for. I hope you enjoy our little conversation and a peak into the world of a 21 year old artist.

You can find Bethany’s work at Itchy here: https://www.instagram.com/itchy.co/

Shut Up and Listen Zine: https://www.shutupandlistenzine.com/

The Bills: https://bill.bandcamp.com/releases


BCC: https://bccband.bandcamp.com/releases




Music in this podcast from Katie Siefker – https://soundcloud.com/folliesmusic.

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