Throwback Thursday – Our First Workshop

Not too long ago we hosted our very first workshop here in Fountain Square Mall (ok, maybe it was a little while ago, considering it was December of 2013 during our Holiday Pop-Up). Honestly, we cannot wait to host Ms. Kelly Barton again, but until then, let’s #tbt to that night where we enjoyed learning how to draw watercolor mandalas in the presence of perfection.

1417682_10103601434657939_1992563812_oKelly is a pro at what she does, and not only did she come with all of the necessary materials for us to learn her craft, she also brought the cutest ever accessories and decor along with her, complete with vintage/diy suitcase, bunting, and even a few My Little Ponies or other 80’s throwback toys for us to enjoy and be inspired by.

1492573_10103601440481269_1763717975_oWe all listened intently as she showed us very carefully how to create our own mandala, and then she set us free!! It’s amazing to look at how different each individual piece is, even when we all received the same instruction!

So, let us know – would you be interested in taking part in one of Kelly’s watercolor mandala classes if we were able to offer it again?

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