Pinterest Pics – Weekly Round-Up

This week, we are highlighting some fun, family craft ideas. With Spring Break drawing near, I am sure a lot of us are thinking: “What do we do with the kids while they aren’t at school?” Maybe you get to hang out with them more during the day, or perhaps just on the weekends. Either way, these craft ideas are sure to be fun for you and your little ones!


Customized, rustic lettering to spell out inspirational words or your child’s name!



These cute animal pom poms are the perfect accent to any child’s room or play space! You could even make a mobile out of them!


Maybe you’re looking for some spring gardening activities to get your kids involved with? This is a fun activity you can do together, rain or shine!


Do you have a million boxes of old, mismatched crayons laying around? Make them into fun, colorful candles or melt them into giant rainbow swirl crayons!


Finally, explore how light and color interact with these fun faux “stained glass” pieces made from tissue paper!


For more fun ideas for family crafts, check out our Pinterest boards here:


Have an artful week!

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