Tales from a Shopkeep

This past week absolutely flew by – I can’t believe seven days has actually passed since the last time (the first time) I wrote one of these. But, it has. And the week we’re coming into will be lazy and filled with family, and so I’m excited to share with you what the week before has held for us.

images (1)I started the week with what might just become a weekly occurrence: #ladybosslunch with McKenzie and Abby (from Shine and The Green Nursery respectively) at KingDough on the Square in Bloomington. While we were slated to meet for lunch to discuss the possibilities of this very blog, our conversations waded back and forth between business and pleasure and ended with the bright possibilities of so much more. It’s invigorating to meet with women who share your passion, even if in different fields, and share your struggles. We all need support groups once in awhile, and perhaps that’s exactly what this strong lady boss lunch will turn into. I can’t help but think of one of my all-time favorite movies from when I was but an angsty teen, and picture all of us (albeit grown) ladies sitting around a fire in an abandoned house giving each other fire tattoos on our bosoms. Ok, ok, maybe THAT’S not going to happen, but it does remind me a bit of “What do you call yourselves? Girls who run with foxes?” and maybe, just maybe we will. Or maybe not.

Untitled-1 copyAfter our business lunch for the week, I spent most of my week planning out my other weeks. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? But, that’s what you do when you run a business – really, you’re an event planner, who just happens to have a shop to man in between events. Or…maybe that’s just me? We have coals on the fire for a Rock & Wine class, a Chakra class, and a Watercolor Mandala Class all coming in April. We have a Yelp event organized by Yelp Indy where we’re hosting a Crafternoon (Mandala & a Mug) alongside our besties at Bea’s Soda Bar. The annual Bloomington Handmade Market Spring Mini is fast approaching (April 30!) and before that we have Easter on the Square, a new gallery opening in April (Imaginary Friends with Indianapolis artist Vanessa Monfreda), trunk shows with new artists, and a Bloomington Fashion Collective fashion event and Boys & Girls Club fundraiser called Current!! Phew, that was a mouthful!! And that’s all before mid-MAY!

IMG_20160313_195806So, this coming week we’re taking it easy. I have a 6, 14, and 20 year old at home and we’ll be making art (I have 5 months of Doodle Crates saved up for this week), hiking (walking) through wilderness trails and getting super muddy (we can only hope!), cleaning house, and occasionally working in the store (we’re closed Monday/Tuesday as usual, but might consider taking an extra day off just for fun). We’re looking forward to enjoying our city in the rain and spring time while many of you have traveled south for the week. It’s unseasonably warm this week and we’re super excited to start watching the flowers break through and stake their claim in our lives.

Until next week, with Love & hugs,



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