Pinterest Pics – Weekly Round-Up

This past week Bloomington (and IU and most of the school systems) has been on Spring Break. For those of us enjoying a staycation here in Bloomington for the week (because, we have a shoppe to keep open;)) we decided to do a little round-up of awesome and fun things to do in Bloomington. We’ll keep our list short, for now, but know there are SO many fun things to do in Bloomington on the daily – and that’s why we call it home!

When you have kids – or even when you dont! – Wonderlab is always the first go-to place. It’s full of fun learning activities, and the nicest staff you’ll find in town.
Bloomington’s Parks are pretty amazing, and always a great spot for an imprompu picnic.
The hidden forests (even within city limits) are pretty awesome, and ripe with many educational opportunities.
You might even happen upon one of these! The small Knightridge Space Observatory with a FOUR-TON telescope, built in 1936/37 and long since abandoned.

Sometimes, at least in this town – all the fun walking and hiking isn’t done in the wilderness though!! Walk our downtown and find many treasures! These are just a couple!

The Princess Theatre  1892, 1913, 1923



The interior of our downtown Courthouse!

And there you have it folks – our weekly pics showcasing our wonderful town and all you can do for a brief staycation!! Follow us on Pinterest to know what we’re going to write about before we do! And have a wonderful weekend!

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