Tales from a Shopkeep

b7ddb5d4c647e06fd448d1f97ad564f2This week was our Spring Break here in Bloomington – if you have any connection to the school systems that is. And, well, we do. Our little (and bigs) are in three different schools, on three different schedules, and thus, our schedule was definitely turned upside down (in a good way) this week.

Bloomington slows down a little every spring – just before it speeds up again that is. For our spring break we stayed around town, enjoyed what we have here in Bloomington (and our surrounding towns) and slowed down with it. We spent the early part of our week (when the store was closed) at local parks soaking up the sunshine and local forests taking small hikes that tiny legs and feet can handle. We took a quick road trip to Columbus, IN to play at The Commons and eat ice cream at Zaharakos. Later in the week we opened the store, cleaned up a little, said hi to many of you, and restocked our shelves with loads of new stock from Starsprinkle Supercollider, B.Radley, DRock Press and more. We even welcomed two brand new vendors to the store: Tinymeat and Culture Flock.

9e5793f18cad82ec29c42d5ff27905aaLate in the week we heard IU made it to the Sweet Sixteen! We were traveling north to visit family, but we rejoiced with the lot of you at the news:) We spent our Sunday on my parents’ property, building bonfires and taking walks in the mud while little kids told stories on trampolines and burned Christmas trees at the sign of the new season.

Now, we’re to the beginning of a new week, and we can’t wait to see what it brings us! We’re planning another re-arrange in the store (thanks to miss Allyson), and jurying in new artists as we speak. This spring brings so much promise to Bloomington – and to Gather.

Until next week, Love & hugs . . .


(all images in this post thanks to @visitbtown)

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