M(anic M)aker Monday – Wood Merkaba

Just another Manic Monday…sorry folks, that song has been in my head all morning and it’s not going anywhere! And it just happens to go along with our Maker Monday, so we’re going to make it work! Seems fitting though, that our featured maker this week is none other than Jessica Miller from Wood Merkaba – a maker business right here in Bloomington who specializes in crystal healing and sacred wellness as well as making darn beautiful jewelry. We’ll see if this interview cures our cases of the manic and calms us with her beauty.


  1. Who are you? What is your business?Jessica Ann Miller. Former Industrial Designer, Certified Crystal Healer, Self-taught Jewelry Designer. My businesses are Jewelry Designer and Proprietor of Wood Merkaba / Crystal Healer for Sacred Wellness Center.

  2. Where are you from?Hartsville, Indiana – Bloomington is now my home. ❤
  3. How long have you been making?My mom let me start painting when I was still in a high-chair. I became a “serious” maker once I started The French Room Collective in Los Angeles the spring of 2012. We set up in the back of a knitting shop and taught French Room style Millinery (Hat Making).
  4. What is YOUR most favorite handmade item that you own?The stained glass window my mother made for me. I always hang it in my work space.
  5. Where do you draw your artistic inspiration from?I like to create things that bring a positive element into someone’s life. That’s the driving force behind my work.

  6. People like to hear . . . something different about our artists – what sets them apart from the rest. Can you tell us a story about yourself that might do that?
    As early as I began walking I remember collecting stones. I had a special place in my mother’s flower bed where I kept them all together in one place. I was much older before I ever thought of bringing them into the house. To me it was like bringing in a bug or wild animal, which I KNEW I would get in trouble for. When I was in Kindergarten my family moved to a wonderful property with acres of Indiana forest land. I was distraught about the fact I would have to leave my collection of stones. My father pointed out that I could chose any tree – there were hundreds – and keep my stones there. We rode the three-wheeler around the property until I found my ‘Rock Collection Tree’. There were already many stones under this tree, so I was happy my collection would have some company. It was an evergreen with long branches close to the ground so it could protect the stones through any weather. When people ask where I came up with the name Wood Merkaba, I always tell them it’s because of my connection to the Wood Element, i.e. I’m a Wood Rat in Chinese astrology. It’s actually inspired by the one tree that kept my stones safe, and my art alive until I came to the age to understand what I was meant to do all along.

Jessica also teaches our Rock & Wine workshops here at the shoppe!! We have one coming up on April 9th, where you can make your own crystal ring (and hang out with awesome ladies and drink some wine!). Then, in May we’ll be hosting another extra-special Full Moon/Moonstone ring class with her!
















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