Love Living Local

Crisp, cool morning. Freshly roasted coffee. Delicious pastries. Colorful vegetables. Ah, a morning at the Bloomington Farmer’s Market. One of my favorite Saturday morning activities and a perfect example of the essence of Bloomington. Last week I recounted my weekend with a visit from a friend, LuAnn (my best friend from high school). Continuing our weekend adventure, LuAnn and I headed to the Farmer’s Market for breakfast and a little grocery shopping.   And by 11, it’s a packed house.    

EAT BREAKFAST AT THE MARKET. I’m telling you. Grabbing breakfast and coffee beforehand is not advised.  Brown County Coffee wakes us up with delicious locally roasted cup. I’m a black coffee kind of gal while LuAnn chooses the creamier latte. Walking around with toasty cups o’joe in our hands, we lap the prepared food circuit to decide on breakfast.  This week I opted for a carnitas kolache from Sweet Claire’s while LuAnn chose a triple meat foccacia roll…to share of course. MIND BLOWN. Perfect pair with coffee. I ran into Allyson (Gather’s own) who chose Sazón which she recommends.  Each market I try something new. With such variety even the pickiest of eaters can find something delicious to enjoy.  

Now I shop for a weekly menu.  If I didn’t, I would end up with more of these beautiful veggies and fruits than I could eat.  I’m not even a vegetable person, but I’m constantly “ooh!” and “aah!” at every stall.  We have amazing variety and flavor.  And not only with produce. For those of us who do eat meat, Bloomington Farmer’s Market has an incredible variety of vendors who provide local, grass-fed, hormone-free meats. Don’t forget about the honey, seeds, potted plants, cheese, and eggs. Buy the eggs early; they don’t last long.  Now I am actually excited to cook!

I suggest finishing a Saturday morning at the Market with a tea from Aahaa Chai before you leave the market and grab lunch at a local restaurant easily within walking distance. (More on restaurants later.)

Until next week, love living local 🙂


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