Pinterest Picks-Weekly Round-up

Coffee.  A toasty cup of deliciousness suitable for different activities, different persons, different regions.  Everyone has their coffee routine.

My morning routine requires coffee.  At my house, the AC is off and the windows are open which means wrapping myself in my fluffy robe and drinking my steaming cup o’joe while I become functional.  I meet friends for coffee at local shops in town in the afternoon and evenings to discuss ideas, plans, life stuff. Coffee can be fancy like a celebrity.  Coffee can be simple like a country song.  And everything in between.

Here are my picks for all things coffee. Follow Gather : handmade shoppe on Pinterest for more ideas.

The Right Mug

Available at Gather : handmade shoppe


Perfect Pour Over

Available at Gather : handmade shoppe

Coffee Beans

Yummy warm dessert

Paleo Pumpkin Coffee Cake





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