Pinterest Pics – Weekly Round-Up

This week, we felt a little obsessed with Jewelry. First, because our Featured Maker this week is a jewelry maker. Second, because we got a new shipment of jewelry from another maker! So we are just all about the jewelry, therefore these are our Pinterest Pics of the week!


I have a necklace like this and think it is just adorable! I get compliments on it all the time! I named the fish Gerald. 😉


These are so hot right now! Showing your hometown or home state pride is fun and trendy!


These are just super fun, especially as spring, summer, and warmer weather start to roll around!


We have several leather makers in the Shoppe who make delightful bracelets and cuffs including our very own shopkeeper, Talia!


Finally, this is just stunningly intricate! But what occasion to wear such a piece for?! First Fridays maybe?? 😉


Thanks for reading! Happy Friday!

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